Network MACMonitor

Network MACMonitor helps you find and locate devices and users in your network. It automatically associates switch ports, patch cords, patch panels with endpoint devices and users and save the history of such associations. The program saves your time when you solve problems with your computer network. It uses the following protocols in its work: SNMP, WMI, ICMP, LDAP, DNS, SMTP.


Key Features:

  • Network report, find information about mac addresses, ip addresses, hosts, vlan, ports, patch cords, patch panels, network sockets in your network.

  • Port report, find a patch cord, patch panel, socket to which the switch port is connected, find the devices and users related to this port.

  • Endpoint report, find information about an endpoint and to which port it was connected, find its ip address, vlan, host name, if the endpoint is a computer, then find the user who works/worked on it, find the enpoint in mac, arp, neighbor tables of network devices.

  • Computer report, find a user who worked on the computer for the last time, find information about a switch port the computer is/was connected to.

  • User report, find when a user worked on a computer last time.

  • User sessions report, find users logon sessions history on computers.

  • View mac tables of network devices.

  • View arp tables of network devices.

  • View neighbor tables of network devices.

  • Support locations of network devices.

  • Support device groups.

  • Synchronize computer users with LDAP Active Directory.
  • Support logging of availability/unavailability of network devices and enpoints.
  • Sending email notifications.
  • Authentication and user groups.
  • No need to purchase additional licenses for Operating system and DBMS.
  • Access to the program is organized via a web-interface, which allows you to install the program only on one computer and use it from others via a browser.
  • Export and import data in csv format.
  • Sort data in tables by several columns.