Network MACMonitor is available with three types of licenses: free, trial, commercial (Terms of Use).

For one organization, it is enough to install the program on one computer and purchase one license, since the program is a web application. The number of users of the program is not limited.

Network MACMonitor license comparison

License type Free Trial Commercial
Number of the program users unlimited unlimited unlimited
View mac, arp, neighbor, vlan, port tables of network devices yes yes yes
Logging of availability/unavailability of network devices and enpoints yes yes yes
Sending email notifications yes yes yes
Port commutation (patch panel, patch cord, socket) yes yes yes
Reports on networks, ports, enpoints, computers, computer users, user sessions. yes yes yes
License name    
Number of monitored ports 10 according to request according to license
Number of monitored computers 10 according to request according to license
Validity unlimited 20 days 12 months
Price free free according to license
  Install the program Request Trial License Order Commercial License

If you have any questions about purchasing a commercial license, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Feedback Form.